What is an Event Blogging, How We Will Start Blogging Event

What is an Event Blogging, How We Will Start Blogging Event.

Hello friends my name is Samanta and I will tell you today about  event blogging And today in this topic I will tell you that event blogging is done by event blogging why we do and how we will event blogging.If you want to know, then please read this article.

Event blogging

What is event blogging?

A lot of people have a confuse that event blogging Is like a monster that comes and boosts your post.1000 to $ 2000 are earned in 1 day People have Confusion.दोस्तों ऐसा कुछ भी नहीं है Event blogging is like a normal blogging The specialty in it is that it is very fame because of the event word that is put in it.I tell you what is the reason for being a famous?Event means that a lot of events come in India.Every year there are many events in India such as Diwali Dussehra Christmas New Year Independence Day Keep coming as soon as.And you must know the meaning of blogging.This means that blogging by targeting events that are called event blogging is called.

Event blogging is done for

Friends, if you are a normal blogger and you are earning 20 to $ 30 a day.All bloggers spend a lot of money on their website and earn a lot of money so they can not afford to live so little.So we think that we are working, but there is no way we can get our year's expenditure in one day.Event earns $ 100 to $ 200 in 1 day in blogging And millions of people make their event blogging to earn money.The reason for event blogging  is just making money.

How do event  blogging

Events blogging  is very easy to do.What do you have to do is you have a simple way to target an event?Now suppose you want to do an event blogging in 2019 holli.So you have to buy a domain 5 to 6 months ago.

What type of domain should you have

Your domain should be related from your event like if you create a blog of Holi 2019 images, then your domain will be exactly the same as holi2019images.com.This type of domain name ranks very fast and comes in search Because we target the event, the keyword of it stays in our domain.

When will we start

When we start in event blogging it matters too much.A lot of people start their event blogging just a se month ago by coming to the event This is not exactly right.

Start the blogging process only 5 to 6 months before you run it.Any event that you start a month ago does not get as much traffic.But the will start the event 5 to 6 months in advance, when the event will come in it traffic.

Traffic boost

If you want to earn a lot of money from event blogging then you have to work a bit.
Such as creating a backlink SEO and blackheadseo are needed.You have to buy some backlink ,Spending a little money will bring traffic to your website So that our site can rank in search.

Where will we build our blog?

We have to make an event from blogging blogger.com.Because traffic is too much on event blogging.   Because WordPress can not handle much traffic simultaneously    And our server may be down.blogger.com is a Google product and its server is very hilarious and can handle very much traffic together.

Hopefully you will understand what the event will say and it is understandable why we do blohging event.If you like the topic, you must share your friends
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20 May 2018 at 03:33 ×

Good articles thanks for sharing

29 May 2018 at 13:43 ×

I see event blogging really starting to gain some serious steam. I dig it.


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